Digital Scrapbooking Tutorials – Make a layout with a QuickPage

November 12, 2007

I’ll be bringing you a series of these great digital scrapbook tutorials over the next few days. They’re from Ro Paxman of Scrap Girls. She makes fabulous digital scrapbooking tutorials and I’ll be talking more about them in future posts.

One of the fastest ways to create your first fabulous looking digital scrapbook layout is by using a QuickPage or Easy Page (sometimes known as a Plopper). These are digital scrapbook pages that have been designed so that all the elements are included and all you need to do is drop your photos in.

You can take a basic approach and just include your photos and leave them as they are, or you can do some customising and make them a bit more individual. Follow along with the series and you’ll see how you can make a QuickPage simply or you can add a bit of extra pizazz.

I hope you enjoyed that digital scrapbooking tutorial and found it helpful. The QuickPage used in the video is called Gypsy Boots Easy Page and can be found at Scrap Girls.


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