Digital Scrapbooking Tutorials – Scrapbook Software Secrets Revealed

November 17, 2007

OK so you’ve loaded your photo editing software onto your computer and you’re all set to start creating fabulous digital layouts. But EEEk! Where do you begin? Are there some Digital Scrapbooking Tutorials that can fast track your learning curve on whatever the software program you’ve chosen to create your digital layouts with?

Well the answer is YES!

That’s where Scrapbook Software Secrets Revealed saves the day.

Learn how easy it is to create digital scrapbooking layouts in any of the major photo editing scrapbook software packages with these easy-to-understand tutorial movies!

This is an absolutely fabulous suite of computer video tutorials which will super-fast track your learning curve on any of the major scrapbook software programs. Unlike most of the tutorial packages around, Scrapbook Software Secrets Revealed is specifically designed for scrapbooking (duh!) so all of the lessons are about scrapbook layout creation techniques. And each pack is specifically tailored to the scrapbook software of your choice (eg. Photoshop Elements, Paintshop Pro, Photoshop and even MS Word)

Ro Paxman (CEO of Scrap Girls) produces these training movies and she has such a gentle clear way of describing what she is showing you that you can’t help but absorb it quickly. And the other thing I love about this training is that it is not just designed to teach you the absolute basics. You will also learn how to do some really cool things to lift your digital layouts above the ordinary. Here’s a list of the goodies in store in this great training pack:

After you watch Scrapbook Software Secrets Revealed movies, you will…

* Create your own digital scrapbook layouts that use the latest, most popular techniques
* Manage all of the important basics that digital scrapbook enthusiasts need to know to get started
* Understand how to save your files for printing and sharing them with your friends and family over the internet
* Make your own shaped and textured brushes (the digital equivalent of stamps)
* Make your own simple backgrounds
* See how easy it is to manage transparent embellishment files that allow digital scrapbooking layouts to look like they are ‘real’
* Be a pro at managing the drop-shadowing techniques that Photoshop Elements provides
* Have fun designing your own digital vellums
* Make your own torn paper photo blocks
* Be able to isolate a single item in a photo and be able to change the color to suit your fancy
* Be a pro at repairing damaged photos
* Know the secret of putting text on a curve
* Laugh at how simple it is to make rounded edges on your photos
* Use keyboard and tool short cuts that make using PSE 4.0 a breeze
* Be aware of some of the frustrating pitfalls that a digital scrapbooker using Photoshop Elements 4.0 experiences and how you can avoid them
* Be able to place digital embellishments on your digital scrapbook layout with ease
* Unlock the mystery of how to clip a digital paper clip onto your layout so that it looks real
* Know how other digital scrapbookers are making their photo or layout edges look aged
* Understand some advanced photo editing techniques including ‘levels’ and lighting filters
* Be able to create an effect that looks like torn transparent fabric

And lots more!

Ro Paxman (CEO Scrap Girls)

I wish I had discovered Scrapbook Software Secrets Revealed digital scrapbooking tutorials when I started digital scrapbooking from the very beginning, it would have saved me hours of learning curve time.


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