Digital Scrapbooking Tutorials – Rule of Thirds

November 29, 2007

One of the fundamental digital scrapbooking tutorials that you should follow is The Rule of Thirds and how to apply it to your scrapbooking layouts. Here is an excerpt from a design article on Scraps of Mind that addresses the Rule of Thirds Principle and how you should apply it to your layouts.

The Rule of Thirds is a technique that has been used by artists for centuries. Basically you mentally divide your page into three horizontal panels and three vertical ones. Imagine a tic-tac-toe board overlaid on it.Past to Present Kit by Ali Kat, Background  by Grant

To create the most visually effective scrapbook layout place key elements along the lines and especially at the intersections. If possible place the eyes in your focal photo at one of these intersections for the most impact. You can see what I mean in the layout on the right. My daughter’s eyes are lined up along the top horizontal line of the ‘imaginary’ grid, close to the intersection of vertical line. The bottom of the photo lines up with the bottom line and the accent on the corner is once again sitting on the intersection. You might also notice that the Title and the flower clusters form a visual triangle to help lead the eye around the layout.

Overall this technique helps you to create balance on your scrapbook layout. Once you start applying it, you’ll find that it starts to come naturally and you won’t need to concentrate on thinking about your imaginary grid.

Once you have fundamental design principles in your design tool box, you will find that it is much easier to apply learnings from other digital scrapbooking tutorials to achieve a result that is visually appealing.


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