Digital Scrapbooking Tutorials – Make your own rub ons

December 8, 2007

Here’s a knacky little digital scrapbooking tutorial from Ro Paxman of Scrap Girls. This enables you to use your digital skills to create rub-ons for your traditional scrapbook layouts. A particularly handy thing for hybrid Scrapbookers who like to mix and match their digital and paper skills to create hybrid layouts.

Okay, all of you paper scrapbookers or bi-scrapbookers, did you know that you can use even the most detailed digital embellishments for paper scrapbooking? No kidding. And you don’t have to cut out a single thing.
By making your own rub-ons with them.

Here’s how:
1. Get an ink-jet transparency.
2. Select your digital embellishment (check out how cool the stitches are in the sample below) and insert the graphic into a Word document or other word processing document.
3. Print on the slick side (yes, that is the WRONG side) of the transparency.
4. Place the transparency on your paper ink-side down and rub the back with a tool of some kind until all of the ink transfers to the paper. (My current favorite paper scrapbooking tools are those little wooden cuticle pusher sticks. They have a pointed end on one side and a flat end on the other. The flat side is perfect for things like this.)


Note: You have to make yourself go STRAIGHT down when you place the transparency and don’t let yourself slide it around. The two stamps samples show what happens if you slide. I slipped on the right-hand one, but went straight down on the left one.

If you have recently been perusing rub-on prices, you will realize immediately that you can save some real money with this idea. And guess what? You won’t run out of these. Want to have stitches on every single layout and card you ever make for the rest of your life?
No problem. Just print and rub away!

P.S. Having trouble with your printer and a transparency. Try an 8.5×11 page protector. It works, too!

Tutorial written by Rozanne Paxman (CEO Scrap Girls)

Although not strictly speaking a digital scrapbooking tutorial, this is a useful technique for all scrapbookers.


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