Digital Scrapbooking Tutorials – Make your own digital templates

December 10, 2007

In this digital scrapbooking tutorial you’ll learn how you can create your own digital templates out of your favorite digital layouts which you can share with others or use again yourself with different papers and elements.

Once you use your template with different kits you’ll be amazed at how different your scrapbook layout design looks. I think this is a really cool idea and I hope you’ve enjoyed this digital scrapbooking tutorial.



  1. I am currently a student at University Pretoria in the E-Learning field

  2. WOW this is just what I was looking for. Great tutorial. I am now scoring over your blog. awesome workd

    I have a question though…….. once I have made a template how to I upload it to my blog or somewhere else for someone to download and use?

    • Any file which is larger than your blog platform’s upload tool will accept will have to be FTP’d to the server. You can download several good FTP programs for free. I use FileZilla. You upload it through this software to your wp-admin/content folder. Then you can reference the link in your blog.

      I believe this will only work if you are on your own domain. I don’t think you can do this if you’re on a free blog platform. Most people get around this by opening an account with a free file storer like 4Shared.

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