Digital Scrapbooking Tutorials – Scan your backgrounds

December 11, 2007

Not all digital scrapbooking tutorials need to be about techniques for your graphics editing software. Your Scanner can be a wonderful tool for creating digital scrapbooking elements.

An easy way to create your own backgrounds is to scan items of fabric and use them as backgrounds. You can use items of clothes too and don’t worry about seams or pocket showing. They all add to the interest of your background.

Make sure you scan your item scan at the highest resolution that you can. Then using your photo editing or drawing software, open a new file with a transparent background in the size of your layout. A resolution of 300dpi is the best size for a good quality print.

Drag your scanned image onto the new file. You can then move it around to find the best section of your scanned image that fits into your background layer. You can Shift-drag on the corner of the image to reduce the size if necessary but don’t worry if parts hang off the edge of the background layer.

Once you’ve positioned the image as you like it, crop it to the size of the background layer and build your layout.


The background in the example above is a scan of the velvet dress my daughter is wearing in the photo. In other digital scrapbooking tutorials you will see how to apply different effects to your scanned image to enhance it even further.


One comment

  1. I googled digital scrapbooking tutorials and found your blog. I thought this entry was VERY interesting; I had never thought of using my scanner to scan fabric as a background, how absolutely clever!

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