Digital Scrapbooking Tutorials for Newbies

May 7, 2008

At last there’s a program that delivers digital scrapbooking tutorials for absolute beginners to digital scrapbooking!

So many of the tutorials that abound on the Internet assume a level of skill and understanding of terminology that can be totally off-putting to the newbie digital scrapbooker

Whether it’s someone who is already a paper scrapbooker and wants to give digital scrapbooking a try, but is a bit uncomfortable about how they’ll deal with the technology. Or whether it’s someone who has never done any scrapbooking before but wants to create something special with their photos, with no mess, no fuss and no special workspace needed.

As a digital scrapbooker myself, who’s evolved from paper scrapbooking, I can speak from personal experience on how great digital scrapbooking is.

Unlike paper scrapbooking, I can’t ruin my supplies by making a wrong cut or by glueing something in the wrong place. The wonderful Undo button means that nothing is irreversible.

And that’s an amazingly freeing concept.

Because of that wonderful Undo button, I’m prepared to be a lot more experimental than with my paper layouts. And the result is that I’ve become a much more creative scrapbooker than I ever was.

I feel like I’m creating pieces of art with my photos as the centrepiece.

It’s a hugely satisfying feeling.

And it’s great that there’s a web site now that will mentor newbies along their digital scrapbooking journey.

It’s about time there was a digital scrapbooking tutorial program like this.



  1. wow thanks for sharing, I have to agree I enjoy the idea of being able to undo something I wish life had a undo button sometimes…thanks for sharing the website, Im heading there now

  2. Thanks for sharing! I’m really new at this as I have done scrapbooks for my children and now I want to redo them in digital. Of course they all are married and have children..so it’s a matter of getting the books back.
    I really want to do a genealogy (heritage) book too. Pg

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