Digital Scrapbooking Tutorial – create a digital scrapbook template

May 12, 2010

This digital scrapbooking tutorial is about recycling your favourite digital scrapbook layouts and turning them into digital scrapbook templates.

You can then clip different elements to the template layers and create a totally different scrapbook layout. Not only that but you can rotate the template or even some of the layers to give even more different scrapbook layout designs.

Making your own digital scrapbook template from an existing digital scrapbook layout is quite easy. Just follow these steps.

Create a Template from your Scrapbook Layouts

  • Choose your scrapbook layout in its layered format. It’s best to choose one with strong structural elements to the design.
  • Duplicate the file so you don’t accidentally destroy your original layout
  • Delete any layout specific layers like journaling and any embellishment layers that don’t contribute to the overall structure of the layout.
  • Now Control+Click on one of the layer icons in your layers pallet to select all the pixels on that layer.
  • Set your color swatch to a shade of grey (just because that’s the usual color for templates) and with your bucket tool, click on the selected element to turn it a solid grey color.
  • Repeat the previous two steps for each element layer, varying the shade of grey so that you can easily distinguish between the layers.
  • You now have a digital scrapbook layout template which you can vary to create very different looking layouts.
  • Try rotating the file so that you can see how the design looks from other angles. And don’t be afraid to discard any of the shapes if they don’t fit what you want to do with your new scrapbook layout.
  • You can also try rotating individual element layers for a different look.

I hope you’ve found this digital scrapbooking tutorial useful and that you’ll try out this yourself. You’ll be amazed how different the same digital scrapbook template can look when you apply different papers to it.


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  1. Thanks! just the info I was looking for!

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